LED Lighting in the Retail Industry

By Lisa DePass posted 12 days ago


Hello to the Connex community near and far!

My name is Lisa DePass and lighting is my game.  My hope for this blog is manifold.  First, for those of you who feel somewhat inept or clumsy in your lighting knowledge, I hope to bring some encouragement and a forum for you to bring your questions to.  Second, for those of you who have been making the transition to LED, please share your successes and challenges.  We can all learn from each other.  Third, this is an opportunity to help our online community to grow, even just a little.

Note: To my American friends, please excuse my spelling…it’s Canadian J

With the massive shift to LED, retailers have found themselves having to re-learn, if you will, new jargon and terms associated with this lighting source.  Where we once made a simple reference to a 100W PAR38 lamp, we now have to refer to a PAR38 lamp with X amount of lumen output, CRI value, and colour temperature.  For those who are looking to transition from ceramic metal halide lamps, generally speaking, there is no direct lamp replacement.  In most cases, an LED fixture is the only reasonable alternative.  In this instance, things become a little more interesting for retailers as it opens up questions about design, renovations, and capital expenditure budgets in many cases.

The other side of the coin has shown some great savings for retailers.  Energy usage drops, maintenance calls significantly decrease, less colour shifting is observed, and customers are not as hot under the light.  In addition, as brick and mortar locations strive to attract foot traffic with new experience models, lighting certainly has a role to play. 

I believe there are still changes and improvements to come as LED technology matures.  Standards are still being set.  The quality of the LED chips continues to improve as well as the efficiency of the lamps and fixtures in which they are used.  We have barely scratched the surface of what LEDs are capable of doing and digital controls provides some very creative avenues for retailers to explore.

Yes, indeed it is an interesting era for lighting in the retail industry.