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Consummate Business Executive & Team Leader — A valued member of corporate leadership teams, contributing expertise in sales, marketing, client services, product development, and operations. Unique in passion and ability to rally an entire organization around a common goal, inspiring and driving success.

Expert in highly-complex and challenging start-up situations. High-caliber senior management qualifications with the ability to execute; solid technological orientation and proven leadership talents. Rain-maker.

Core skills:

1. Operationalizing and executing complex sales, marketing, delivery, and client health strategies.

2. Go to Market Excellence – Developing high-performance enterprise sales, marketing, and strategic account teams; inclusive of processes for client services /account management expansion, partner orchestration.

3. Solution-based Marketing and Management – Organic ground zero development coupled with market-driven requirements; legacy application transformation and taking disparate but related solutions/applications from silos into the best-in-class platform(s).

4. Customer Delivery Execution – Consistently strive to exceed client standards while growing margin and retaining focus on P&L.

5. Extensive experience leading or advising growth and start-up companies.


* Tactical & Strategic Planning
* Creating Incentives & Recognition Events
* Complex Contract Negotiations
* Consensus Building Leadership
* Customer Centric Business Partnering
* Recruiting, Identifying & Hiring Talent
* Strong Channel & Segment Experience
* Budgeting and Forecasting
* Performance Evaluations/Setting MBO's
* Building C-Level Relationships
* Coaching & Mentoring