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What is a great day?

For me it is learning, teaching, motivating, and serving. A great day is knowing I used my gifts to add to those around me and not subtract. I get inspired by those who genuinely reach for the same. If you are one...connect with me!

Some chapters in the book of my life have been written. I have enjoyed wonderful and fulfilling career experiences in business, volunteer, and educational environments. The foundation of my experience was built in the hospitality & food service industry within Disney, Marriott, and Hilton Hotels; and have led to senior business development and FM operational responsibilities in diverse industries across North America, and in four other countries.

Some chapters have yet to be written. Likely these will involve the many hats I wear in my "great days"; mentor, student, son, brother, husband, father, coach, & volunteer. So many chances to learn, teach, and be inspired!

What have you done today to inspire someone? I would enjoy learning about it!