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Retailers struggle to find reliable facility maintenance and project management companies who share their values and standards. As your partner, we thrive on solving your problems, delivering world-class service, and acting as an extension of your team

I have always hated pushy salespeople who pester me and try to sell me something that gets them a commission, instead of something that solves my problems. The people that I keep purchasing from are those who provide me with great value and genuinely care about me as a person. There are enough people out there competing for my business, so why work with someone I don't like?!

I have taken 15+ years of teaching and coaching experience, combined it with a passion for helping people, and worked for companies where I believe in the product or service they are providing. I listen to people's problems and make recommendations for the best approach to take. An educating and consulting approach makes the process more enjoyable for all involved and earns the trust that leads to long-lasting partnerships and friendships.